What else is there to do?
Lean on winter's western wind
And let it pull me through.

Wales across the southern shore,
Pembroke to Pendine.
To Laugharne and to Dylan's inspired pen
I'll write another nine.

Here in the mercy of his means am I
A pebble in the religious stream,
A tribute in the deep heart's core,
My peripatetic dream.

O Earth - You are too wonder-filled,
I walk the way that God has willed.

East to England, hills unfold,
Behind me, the Irish Sea;
Off to my right beyond Cornwall and Devon
Brittany, Normandy parallel me.

What's in a field?  What is Wales?
Indian take-out?  The Carpenter's Arms?
Undulation, uncontrolled,
The house high hay of her farms.

Under Cymru's (Cumry's) leaden skies
I forge my chain of days
An agonist of misty gales...

A. G.

Written walking through Wales

Copyright @ Arthur Garfunkel
Used by Permission of Author. All Rights Reserved.