Now that it's over and nine hundredSimon and Garfunkel
twenty-two songs have been done before
six hundred eighty-eight thousand fans
to show we can do it

All the world's a stage, a play
we intuit

I tender my love to the Lord
Almighty for letting the notes divinely
spun come alive each night preponderate,
allowing me to be the conduit.

2009 Tour

This is the Season of Victory.
Sushi returns to sashimi.
Time and reason are done with me.
The runner can walk again.

Whole nations have been impregnated.
Gone is the time to be seen.
Now I can see. The screen is black.
I belong to the back of the balcony,
to the tree of expanded vitality
runny with song.

~ July 18, 2009 Tour's End - Flying Sapporro - Tokyo