Now the moment I awaited has arrived:
I leave my Paris hotel to go southeast
across Europe.

If it's one part east for each one part
south - then I go to Lausanne; if it's
three parts east to two parts south -
Lucerne; two part east to three part
south - Lyon.


* * * *

I walk for tangibility, to see the
newest green and space between.
I know the life of a town is in the
interpersonal dramas of its
people and that all I see is the set.
But at Combs-la Ville, 25 miles SSE
of Paris, I have passed through all
the furniture. Now an arcade of
actual trees, a hundred tall syca-
mores, makes a canopy for the groom
in love. And I delight to sense them
sense each other, almost touching,
leaving room above

Written walking through Paris (May 2001)

Copyright @ Arthur Garfunkel
Used by Permission of Author. All Rights Reserved