I have sung for creatures all my life. It started with humans in 'Fifty-one. People heard the bird in my throat and I was so happy to make the sound. Word of mouth was meager. But I heard the gift and I went with it. Married in the synagogue to Echo and the minor key, I sang ancient melodies in the Main Street temple in Queens.

Many years later I sang for cows. As I walked the country, there they were. On a hill. Looking at me. So I sang to them and they gathered 'round. I gave them the old vibrato. The sound was sincere and the love of connection was deep. I belted a beautiful "Old Man River," Many eyes widened. One creature's cryin'. I AM 'feared o' dyin'




We're all in the throes of greater volatility.
What are we sending up into the air?
Is it largo turned to allegro
Or a dance of interaction in a frenzy everywhere?

I walked across the Appalachians.
Perfect undulations, amber waves of joy;
Ridge to ridge - four and a half miles.
Terrestrial corduroy

Weather is whatever,
It never levels off.
If it peaks at two in Pennsylvania,
at four fifteen, it lies in a West Virginia trough.